Thursday, August 19, 2010

These boots are made... (definitely) NOT for summer!!!

Ok i know that many of you will have doubts about this outfit in the middle of summer but unfortunately when something gets on my head it's very very hard not to do it...So yes i did it!I wore these rain boots while the temperature was around 41 degrees,and i am proud of being still alive :D :D :D

Skirt and Shirt Zara
Hunter boots

5 σχόλια:

maria kotsari said...

i love wellies and your outfit

Ourania K. said...

Thank you very much my sweetie!I can hardly wait to see the post with your new shoessssssss :D :D :D :D
Kisses :x :x

mika said...

latrevw to style sou kai tis photos s! perfect!!!

Ourania K. said...

@mika: Mikaki mououou s'euxaristw para polu gluko mou koritsi!!! <3
ps: Stis foto sou sto fb eisai MIA 8EA!!!
Kiss you :x

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely lovely and I just love to see you wearing your Wellingtons, I want to kiss you.