Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chapter 1//UrGeNt_CaSeS//Video Backstage

Hey hey hey.... Long time no see eh????I have to apologize for my absence all this time but i hope you can understand that with all this pressure for the show, blogging was the last thing on my mind! I hope you enjoyed the video clip we made for you...I found some backstage pictures today and i wanted to share with you!

Who doesn't recognize our star Orestis!!! Here Antonis Spathas (one of the best make up artists) is preparing the "sick" make up!
Our team prepares everything before the shooting!I just loved all of them! :D
The One and Only Panagiotis Karamitsos (film director) with his incredibly sweet assistant Liza!!
You have many things to see from me and Panagiotis from now on!!!An excellent co-operation :D
This black figure under the bed is me??? :O
Orestis wearing the straightjacket we created (me and my assistant) for him!
Sophia Chrysohoidou, our model wearing the outfit with which she opened the catwalk!!!
My sweet assistant Eleni in her....office :p
Ehhh enough with the break don't you think???:p

Soooo after 13 hours of working the conclusion is this amazing video, my friendship with all these talented people and of course an incomparable experience on what they pass through these people to make just a 3min video!

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