Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ioannis Guia A/W 2010/11

His creations have been exposed at Louvre Museum and Paris Galliera. His base is in Paris and parallel to his collections he belongs to ESMOD's staff as a styling teacher. His garments have his own signature and are sold in many stores worldwide. We can easily characterize him as an International Fashion Designer. His collection A/W 2010/11 inspired basically from the church promises as usual unique fabrics, elegant embroideries and of course aggressive looks with army boots. When fragile femininity meets the powerful futuristic masculinity, the romantic lace meets the black used leather, the result can not be something else than Ioannis' Guia creation.

Just print the invitation and enjoy the show.
I am sure you wont regret it ;)

Check also his previous collections that i am sure you will love:

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