Friday, March 12, 2010

When exactly the Halloween is????

I got so bored of my makeup.I needed a change immediately but obviously i didn't succeeded it so well...But my biggest problem right now it's not that i made a silly makeup,but that i am out of de-makeup tissues so i am obliged to have these "emo" face for few days once my shadow was water resistant...Oh my god...How far Halloween is??

The bottle of L'oreal is not accidentally there!Promotional reasons.... ;) I will let you know very soon!

Please ignore the mess behind,i had tones of work and i didn't have the time to clean :p

Black cape Zara (you will see it better tomorrow)
Black wet eye shadow and beige lipstick MAC Cosmetics
Black eye pencil (the most resistant pencil ever) Ere-Due silky eye pencil No1

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