Saturday, June 5, 2010

Animal instincts...

I was looking for a leopard scarf (but cotton not silk or synthetic) for sooo long and finally yesterday i got it :D Have a nice weekend all of you :x :x :x

Scarf and dress H&M

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Alkistis said...


Ourania K. said...

To forema den einai k toso kalo san tsouvali ka8etai...Alla kati 8a kanoume gi auto!!! :p
To foulari afou den katafera na klepsw to diko sou...Arkestika se ena H&M!!! :p

mahler76 said...

and you look so good in it!!!

Ourania K. said...

Thank you so much my dear friend!!!
I can hardly wait to see you back home :D :D
Besides,few hours left... ;)
Kiss you