Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Celebrity Skin....and much more....

We use to connect his name with creativity, high quality garments and of course his incredible smile in which nobody can resists! Oh yes we are talking about mr. Celebrity Skin or mr. Dimitris Strepkos. The most impressive thing about him is his personality and all the things he has done till today.

His basic studies were, Stage design & Fashion Styling at London school of Fashion, Modern Greek literature in Greece, and seminars in Italy concerning Hats & Puppets.
Besides his own theatre at Patra, called “Art’s machine”, he worked for many years as a Stylist and Stage designer in many Greek theatres like: Tzeni Karezi, Lithografio, & open theatre.
Fashion Academy by Filimonas
IEK Delta
Cristi’s Model agency
Including many editorials (in Vogue, OZON, E-merge mag, Spoil me, Noise London & Austalia), catalogs and freelance designs his activity around the media doesn’t end here. 
TV shows:
Alpha (Roula Koromila)
Ant1 (10 me 1 mazi, remakes)
Mad frequences (December 2009)
Fashion shows:
Beginning his career as a designer in April 2009, co-operating with Eleni Barla, and winning two awards till now (best designer, and best catwalk) we enjoyed his creations on stage at AXDW (in which he also works as a fashion director), and the people in Monaco will have the luck to enjoy him at their fashion week in November 2010.
TV Personas wearing Celebrity Skin:
Ada Livitsanou (Greek Idol), Evelina Papoulia, Irini Douka (C-real) and Eleonora Zouganeli.

And last but not least, I couldn’t omit to mention his incredible Art Director “Avant-Garde”…

A special thanks to Dimitris Strepkos for the great conversation and interview...

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not a girl not yet a woman! said...

great post!

katerina said...

cool guy! thanks for sharing ourania!

Fenia said...

I love Dimitris Strepkos! I love Celebrity Skin! I adore Avant Gard!!!

celebrityskin said...

thank you very much 4 everything

Ourania K. said...

@Not a girl & Katerina: Thanks a lot my girls :x

@Fenia: How couldn't you... All 3 are adorable... :D

@CelebritySkin: Double thanks Dimitri...we'll talk tomorrow after my meeting :D :D Big kiss :x