Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family attitude

Officiel one of the best fashion magazines, as always has the most interesting editorials. This time talks about fashion trends,their age target group and who can wear what according to his individuality.

1)The Bohemians
  -Age Groups: 7-35 years old
  -Top secrets: Rare motifs, flower images, scarfs and feathers. We can talk about a rewind to the past in the present which differentiate the personal taste. A vintage inspiration combined with bicycles, psychedelic motifs,hand made jewelleries, light fabrics and loosed lines.
  -My opinion: Absolutely fabulous through which you can develop your own style and personality. 

2)The old money
  -Age groups: 6-80 years old
  -Top secrets: Classic style and endless luxury composing the basic elements for every aristocratic family. The best fabrics, extremely well made suits, priceless jewelleries and the imposing poses are the basic elements of this group.
  -My opinion: If you are 60+ years old ok. But i can't accept it from someone who wants to live in his age and specially for kids. This make me sick. Kids who are dressed like old people and have the same behavior as well. What finally is kidswear?  Their clothes don't supposed to be funny,full of colors and playful drawings???

3) The new money
  -Age groups: 6-45 years old
  -Top secrets: Stylish fetich,super high heels, impressive bags and generally whatever the most stylish creators make, compose the basic theme of the "new money" family. The clothes have unknown till now volumes and their colors absolutely match with the colors of the skin. Few details like the red lips make this look more "alive".
  -My opinion: Adorable style,so "in fashion" for someone who follows the trends and wants always to wear unique pieces.

4) The new farmers
  -Age groups: 5-70 years old
  -Top secrets: Dynamic profile, ecological conscience who bring man close to the nature and its balances. Nice colors, denim shirts and durable fabrics. White tee-shirts,scarfs,boots, no accessories at all and squared and denim fabrics.
-My opinion: Totally country side style,very good for the spring even if you want to wear it in the city. Besides who doesn't love the denim????

5) The design maniacs
  -Age groups: 8-40 years old
  -Top secrets: For them there is no past. They always look stylish with a special futuristic style composed by straight lines, clean curves and minimal forms. Regardless their age they always look like a very well designed furniture with wooden and plastic jewelleries.
Oscar Wilde said the either you should be, or to wear a piece of art. These people know very well what he meant.
  -My opinion: No comments. Undoubtedly adorable!!!

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