Thursday, April 29, 2010

Please someone to take the camera of my face... :p

Ok ok i have to admit it...Since i bought it i live my life through the lens of my camera. It has been stuck in my face and i shoot EVERYTHING!!! But besides that, my second favorite habit lately is to shoot myself in front of the mirror with my camera. In these photos i care more about how my camera looks than me... Anyways, i hope i will get over my addiction very soon and i will use it as a tool, through which i will show you the world through my eyes...Till then please be patient and enjoy few more useless pics in front of the mirror or gofretta playing in the garden...Many many kisses

Hide the mirrors when i'm around... :p

Just for the typical part:

White tee and wedges ZARA
Boyfriend jeans H&M
(usual outfit)
Please ignore my green socks :p

5 σχόλια:

Ourania K. said...

heyyy what is going on?I wrote a comment which is invisible :( and many of you you told me that you can't leave me a comment grrrrr
i will fix it the soonest possible ;)
many kisses

Anonymous said...

hey pretty...nice socks!! ;)
even nicer camera!!

Ourania K. said...

thanks miss azzaria...i can buy you a pair if you want...meaning the socks not the camera :p :p :p

My Life Is A Mess said...

Θεε τι στιλ σουπερεξαλλο ειναι αυτο?
Εκτος απο:
-Το απίστευτο χαλαρο μπλουζακι
-ΤΟ Τζιν με Τ κεφαλαιο(μπαι δε γουει πριν ποσο καιρο το πηρες?γιατι με ψηνεις αγρια να παω να το χτηπησω!)
-ΚΑΙ ΤΑ ΘΕΙΚΑΑ ΠΑΠΠΟΥΤΣΙΑ που για χαρη τους θα φοραγα ακομα και τακουνια!
-τις φανκι καλτσουλες!
ΛΑΤΡΕΥΩ....και τα μαλλια σου!ΕΙναι τελειααα!

(οπως βλεπεις εχω πορωθει αγρια λιγο!)

Ourania K. said...

hahahahaa k einai to mirko mou kainourgio filenadaki :D pou leei toso kala sxolia panta gia mena...
yes this is my new little friend...who always sais for me the best... :D Love ya :x