Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kate Moss for Longchamp

After 8 seasons of successful collaboration between the well known bags and accessories company Longchamp and the number 1 top model the last 10 years Kate Moss, they decided to take a risk that came as an explosion in the fashion wold. Kate moss designed her own line with bags having her personality and signature. We have seen her again in the past as a creator for the English absolute fashion store "TopShop" developing her on line "Kate Moss for TopShop".

In this case she provides us bags in all sizes all of them with a touch of zebra print (something that Kate adores) either as a scarf in the laces of the bag or  like a lining at the interior of the bag. 
Generally i consider that the company the last few years has shown a totally different face, more modern, aggressive and powerful. I think we all love the fact that the company with the black cheap bags with the brown leather details changed totally and gives us unique pieces that define our femininity and individuality.

All pics are from the official site of Longchamp:

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