Monday, April 19, 2010

Unpredictable things....Hate them...

Airports.We all hate them but we all need them. And always when something goes wrong we wonder: "Why today?Why now?Why everything goes wrong?"
Oh yes it is true. It will happen to you,to me, to all of us. In this case, while i was planning even the silliest detail of how i will spend my holidays in Greece, i 've been informed: All the departures from Charles de gaulle have been canceled. :O
Pointless to tell you how many ways i've looked a way to reach my destination. But nothing....Still here, in front of my laptop, one step before the break down and still don't know if and when i will fly. 

Oh yes...this is the situation in the european airports..... Let's smile and hope that the things will get better next days...

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