Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charlie's bazar

Today, few friends did something really cool.We all went to Charlie's place for coffee and lunch but besides this,we brought all the clothes and accessories we didn't want anymore and we sold to each other!!!It was so cool...Check out what i found... :D
Look how pretty are Charlie's Givenchy vintage sunglasses from her grand mother!Unfortunately not for sale :((( If you change your mind i am the first one ok????

Very nice jewlleries from Marie.I bought the butterfly-mosquito neckless and the vodka earrings!cool eh???

A small break for coffee and cookies...Yiamy yiamy...
Check out this amazing waistcoat!!!3 euros...Thanks Charlieeee :D

My lovely Patrizia :)))
My new dress-skirt!!!Youpiiii :D

I was that close to buy the shoes too but last minute a voice in my head reminded me that i have 824674281698127643289 pairs of shoes...
Ugly picture but nice hat eh?

This jumpsuit if it was quite bigger i would definitely buy it but i swear i couldn't even sit with it :p

Thanks to Anne we have these amazing pics :D

Here she is...

Finally the jumpsuit ended up to Patrizia's slimmer body :D

And last one,see my new earrings... :D

I hope you enjoyed my post as we enjoyed our new clothes!!!I promise i will organize a bazar in Athens too with my Greek friends that we have tones of things to sell.And you will be all invited :D
Many kisses to all of you :x

4 σχόλια:

charlie said...

Yaaay ! It was such a nice day :) love xo

Ourania K. said...

Yeeeeeaaaaaa We have to repeat it soon :D
Thanks again baby!!!
ps:i finally have a credit card youpiiii :p

charlie said...

Oh it's so good you got a new card ! Finally !
Yes we really have to do it again and you'll bring your stuff too ! ! I took the pictures posted them on facebook ;) kisses

Ourania K. said...

ohhh soooo well!!!i hope you profile is open to everyone so i can go check-spy you :p :p
ps come on skype to gossip a little bit :p
kiss u