Monday, May 3, 2010

ESMOD Femme 1 Collections June 2010

Today as i promised you, you will have a taste of my class' creations...We have only few hours we came back to Paris and we had a jury this morning in which we should show our work for last time before the final collection. The best thing today was that since the gils have been informed that my friend Elina is a hair stylist, she didn't stay even one minute. She prepared so well all the models...Generally it was a very nice day (besides the judgments' comments) :p

Lets take a break smoking a cigaret...

The hair stylist needs a break too :)

Me and Celia that passes last one....pfff be patient friend... :)
Can you imagine how much Clementine worked to sew all these ONE BY ONE??? :O
In any case i think the result is....I have no words...Lovely... 

Oh here she is...doing what she knows best :D

How pretty this girl is????

My sexy Spanish friend Helena with a lovely vintage jacket.

Enjoy one more of Elina's creations...

The theme was the pure "Parisiene".
The result let us speechless...Very very good work...

And here it comes...Few pieces from my collection that i showed you in a previous entry

Celia with her amazing body helped many of us by wearing our creations. I am sad that i don't have her own creating (which are amazing) to show you...

Nice detail eh?

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did... :D
See you soon with an editorial from Officiel Greece.
Many kisses to everyone :x

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My Life Is A Mess said...

ΠΛΑΚΑΑΑΑ ΚΑΝΕΙΣ?Ολα αυτα τα υπεργαλαξιακα ρουχα τα εφτιαξες εσυ?ΠΟΣΟ ΤΑΛΕΝΤΟ ΠΑΙΖΕΙ ΝΑ ΧΕΙΣ?και αυτες οι λεπτομεριες τελειες!
Νομιζω εισαι θεααα!