Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who said that diet has no fun????

Oh yes...I understand....Summer is almost here and the only thing we think is to get on a diet and go to the gym!!Every year...the same season,just before the summer!Ok then,take it easy.Relax and enjoy it because as much as you are panicking the worst results you will have.And i am talking as an expert.Maybe i am not expert in fashion,photography,finances or anything else.But believe me diets i know.Since i remember myself i am on a diet...pfff...

So try to enjoy it as much as it gets.Find which are your favorite flavors and put them on your diet (like fish or meat).Find which are your worst flavors and don't even think about them again.Besides it's only a diet not a torture.Try to create colorful plates with many spices. Forget that you are on a diet and think your new swimsuit you will buy...Good motivation eh???

The gum is another issue...We will discuss it another time (or maybe never) :p :p :p

Happy tuna salad:
Green and red pepper
Olive oil(not too much)
A bit of salt and black pepper
Mix of dry salad

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My Life Is A Mess said...

Ελααααα ρε πολυταλαντη Ρανια!
Και στην μαγειρικη εχεις το gift?

Ourania K. said...

Me tin mageiriki den 8a to elega...Me tis diaites omws,anamfisvitita!!! :p

Zoé said...

ahahahah I HATE the gym!!
το πιάτο φαίνεται νοστιμότατο όμως!!
:D :D

OURANIA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ourania K. said...

Bonne appetite my girls ;)

Anonymous said...

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