Saturday, May 29, 2010

Topic of the day: Fashion Victims

I know I promised you that my next post would be the professional pics of my work… But finally I changed my mind. I think it’s enough with “me, myself and I”…

So I’ve decided to give you a topic. I had many doubts before writing this post, because I don’t like to pretend to be the teacher or the “smart one” but I will try just to tell you my opinion on this and express myself… Besides, this is the purpose of a blog, isn’t it?
So the topic today is the “Fashion victims”.
I was inspired from a conversation I had with Shermin about how we used to see fashion before studding it and which is our vision about it now. I will be totally honest with you. I used to be a fashion victim as well. And I can say I still am sometimes… And now when I look behind I am just laughing at myself. It looks so silly to be totally in brands dressed  and have 8726786178416714 logos on your outfit…
Ok, I admire designer’s work of course and I appreciate good quality goods but everything in a balance don’t you think? Why for example all the “fashionable” people have to hang the same handbag?  And even if you want to spend a fortune on it (which I totally understand you) why don’t you try to find something less common than a “Louis vuitton” bag? 
Why all of us have to have the same look because someone has chose it for us??? And why for example we have to pay something a fortune which is the simplest thing ever, just because of the creator’s name??? I keep telling you that I totally understand this need because I have it as well. But what about our individuality? Where is the WE finally to this “Trend” game between very few people??  Who creates the trends? And who is he to tell me what to wear and what not, and if I am “in” fashion or not?

Specially on that I have to tell you that I’ve met in January a lady who worked for a “bureau de tendance” (the teams who create the trends) in Paris because I worked for her and while she explained us the trends for the summer 2011 she mentioned that one of these was her 10 years old daughter who helped her to create it… Can you imagine? A 10 years old girl (I have nothing against 10 years old kids) created a fashion trend just because she had the luck to be the director’s daughter. And based on that, many of the grate creators will make clothes according to this trend and later millions and millions people will buy these things… So a 10 years old girl just decided what are you going to wear two years before you wear it…
I gave this example just to explain you how silly is all this game and how pointless is to get on this trap. Try to clear mind regarding what you really like to wear and what you think you like just because of the good promotion of some very clever people or because of what the “life style” commands you. I am trying to do this every day and I don’t always succeed it…But I’ll keep trying…

I would appreciate your comments and your opinion around this topic, which I am really interested in…

Ps: I would also appreciate if my dad (who paid all these years this weakness of mine) doesn't mention his opinion :p

Check out Thalia’s “not shop project
Have a nice weekend all of you... :x

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Anonymous said...

very true
we need a certain maturity to realise all these u said! and usually it comes eventually...or not!
but for us as creators its good to have this species of fashion victimes....keeps our business out of crysis :D
anyway, u show the right way and who wants will follow u....thats life ...a matter of choices!

Alkistis said...

I totally agree with all you mentioned and you know it :). I can say that when I see someone with 34 brands on him, it makes me sick!! They want to show that they can afford having these brands and this is so sad! They don't have the taste to nicely combine simple things.
Kisses Pepon mou!!

My Life Is A Mess said...

Yeap!Με βρισκεις συμφωνη!Παρολο που μου αρεσει η ιδεα να δημιουργουνται οι τασεις απο ενα 10 χρονο κοριτσακι.Μας πιανει υστερια να ειμαστε σαν και αυτους.Να μην μας πουν παρακατιανους επειδη το τσαντακι μας δεν ειναι Λουι!Υπακουμε τυφλα.Ειμαστε τα πιονια τους και υιοθετουμε οτιδηποτε μας πλασαρουν χωρις δευτερη σκεψη.Ακομα και αν πριν λιγο καιρο το βρισκαμε γελοιο.Χανουμε την ταυτοτητα μας.Ειμαστε μαζα.Και ειμαστε περηφανοι για αυτο!

Ourania K. said...

K to pio lupiro einai otan vlepeis kapoia atoma pou den mporoun na upostiriksoun ola auta na kataligoun se apomimiseis gia na "xw8oun" k autoi mesa stin maza telika...Einai toso krima...

Annie♥ said...

oh! such a great post...You put a lot of thought in it and I think you're right :) I totally agree!!!Thanks for commenting on my blog-you are really interesting!!! as for the cupcakes I only enjoy baking and decorating them and when it comes to eating I make them only for my friends and family :)
xxx Anne

Zoé said...

k egw sumfwnh eimai me ta osa les.
parolo pou k egw exw pesei se auth thn pagida (ok, pote alla pote den foresa 2498109258 markes tautoxrona -- auto pragmatika to thewrw geloio opws k to na eisai san kinhth diafhmish ths x,y, tade markas telospantwn) alla exei tuxei na skasw k egw lefta pou ousiastika den mou perisseuan mono k mono epeidh kapoios me evale sto tripaki na thewrhsw pws xreiazomai thn tade tsanta/papoutsia/forema ktl.
to thema einai pws ws anthrwpoi dustuxws diakatexomaste a)apo tromera aisthimata anasfaleias + thn anagkh na "anhkoume" kapou k thewroume pws an exoume k emeis thn louis vuitton tsanta px. pou thn exei k o ypoloipos misos planhths, automata mpainoume sthn idia omada mazi tou. "anagnwrizomaste" apo tous "omoious" mas. k kala..
apo thn allh b)aisthimata aplhstias. afou to exei h filh mou/h geitonissa/h ksaderfh/ h sunadelfos/sumathitria/h agnwsth pou eida to prwi sto lewforeio giati na mhn to exw egw..?
profanws o tropos skepshs autos, mono uperkatanalwtes mas kanei.

anyway k gia na mhn makrugorw, opws eipe k h azzaria, ontws thelei wrimothta gia na vgeis apo auto to tripaki alla akoma k tote xreiazetai na upenthimizeis pou k pou ston eauto sou ti einai pragmatika shmantiko,


Anonymous said...

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