Friday, May 14, 2010

L'oreal-Elnett & ESMOD Paris

As i promised you in a previous entry, i had a reason i had the bottle of Elnett at the middle of the picture.And here it is:
Elnett hair spray is maybe one of the oldest beauty products we all know from our grandmothers. Yes it is true. Officially, in 2010 Elnett celebrates its 50 years. 

This was the reason, the people in L'oreal to search for a change. And what best,than changing the bottle drawing? And of course where is better to look for a nice drawing than a fashion school? 
Fashion, it is to explore, discover, imagine, create without forgetting to observe, analyze for better answering the consumers' desires.
I present you my gifted friend Shermin Ibraim who is one of the three creators who won the competition for Elnett.
She was been asked about her favorite designer, which is Alexandre McQueen (and John Galliano but she didn't mention it :p), what was her basic inspiration source which is the architecture (of course) and the art of photography, and what she would be if she was a clothing look, and of course she answered that she would be an Alexandre McQueen leather dress giving as a reason the aggressiveness of the fabric...
And here is her propositions about the bottle:

In order to have more general opinion here is her book including here creations,passion and inspiration board:

The best thing with this competition is that the audience will vote the winner. So the only thing you have to do is to go the webpage of L'oreal check the three students and their creations and vote your favorite!
Besides that i want Shemin to win (and she will), you have to be objective and vote your favorite.i hope good luck to everyone... :D

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Anonymous said...

My God I have to hire u as my agent! U are good! kiss kiss kid!

Ourania K. said...

i just wrote the truth...YOU are the good one around here...Good vibes my dear...My best wishes... :D