Sunday, May 16, 2010

Topshop Vs H&M

I found a very interesting topic at ykone today. Two chain stores we all loved and always love... Have you ever think who is the winner in the battle of the two???

Topshop and H&M… One is English, the other Swedish. Both have trendy ready-to-wear clothing for very reasonable prices. Both are worn by fashionistas all over the world. Who do you prefer, Topshop or H&M?  Let the battle of the brands commence…

The collections
Topshop: Topshop has something for every taste, every culture. For 20 years, the brand has employed a team of designers based all over the globe to research the hottest fashion trends. The brand is therefore influenced by styles from a mixture of different fashion cultures. All of the collections are modern, stylish and affordable, and all cultivate that unique “British touch” like no other label. Topshop is a bit like a treasure chest of fashion…every week, 300 new pieces are integrated into their boutiques everywhere.
H&M:  A little less funky than Topshop but just as reliable for trendy pieces, H&M is also known for its reasonable prices. H&M products range from timeless, chic pieces to everyday pieces to younger, more dynamic styles. H&M sells collections for everyone, from men and women to maternity, sportswear and children lines. To find the hidden treasure, you have to search though!

Topshop 1- H&M 0
We love H&M, but our love for Topshop is just that little bit stronger. The British brand is funkier, more diverse and younger than its Swedish competitor. Both brands aim for “Affordable fashion, diverse collections available to everyone”, but Topshop has the X factor that we just can’t resist! 

The collaborations

Topshop: Over the last few years, Topshop has been accumulating collaboration contracts at lighting speed. Signing names like Preen, Celia Birtwell, Emma Cook, Danielle Scutt, Alexander McQueen,Christopher Kane, Louise Goldin… unlike H&M, Topshop does not often call upon world-renowned designers, and that’s what we like about them. The collections are more original and the collaborations are more frequent. The only exception is Kate Moss. The fashion icon has collaborated with the mega brand for numerous seasons now. Eleven (Maybe twelve, we really have lost count now!) glamourous and sexy collections have now been released by the legendary Kate for Topshop.
H&M: H&M landed the Holy Grail of all collaborations when it teamed with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004. Designer pieces for reasonable prices? That is the aim when H&M collaborates with well-known names. After Karl, H&M joined forces with Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Matthew Williamson, Jimmy Choo and Sonia Rykiel who all contributed with their own original designs for the popular Swedish brand. Each new amazing collection brings fashionistas running from every direction to snatch up the affordable designer pieces.
Topshop 0- H&M 1
A difficult call, but we got there finally. Although we love the bold, out-there pieces from Topshop collaborations with more and less known designers, we prefer the capsule collections that H&M does with well-known international brands. After all, it ain’t Topshop where we can casually pick up our own pair of Jimmy Choos without breaking our wallets! 

The Distribution
Topshop: Topshop is a much less commonly found label than H&M. It is above all present in the UK, where there are over 300 stores to its name. The British label is now in a dozen other countries and is looking to explore foreign ground in the coming months. The next destination?Paris

H&M: This brand is now present in 34 countries worldwide and has over 1,700 retail stores. From Europe to Asia and now the US, we can find H&M wherever we go. By the year 2013, H&M aims to double its current number of stores.
Topshop 0- H&M 1
We do love Topshop, so it’s too bad that for us Europeans we have to cross the channel to satisfy our Topshop cravings! Sure, we can buy online, but it’s not the same as at H&M, where we can try on, touch, see etc. So it’s H&M that wins this one!

Total: H&M 2- Topshop 1 
A very close call between H&M and Topshop, but H&M just wins. It’s true that H&M collections don’t have that extra touch that Topshop does, but H&M is everywhere, and its collections are to die for! 

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Anonymous said...

love the cristopher kane tshirt with dinosaur jaw....i think its a dinasaur!

pretty cool
bravo for the discovery!!

Anonymous said...

by McQueen's jeweler!!

Ourania K. said...

I know your passion with this bracelet.Did you buy it finally???
Concerning the Cristopher's Kane t-shirt i think it's a shark.
So which of them you prefer??

Anonymous said...

both if u please!!! :(((((

charlie said...

H&M fan :)